Mindfulness & Holistic Creative Circle (3 days – On Campus)

Adults Only

July: 26
August: 09 & 23

Time: 10am – 1pm (3 Hour workshops)

For many mindfulness, meditation and creative pursuits have been discovered or re-ignited whilst in stay-in lockdowns. As we step out again and learn to navigate a new world, continuing down the Mindfulness path and taking the next steps to work on learning how to ‘switch off, unwind, restore and rebalance’ through some restorative creative outlets is going to be paramount as part of a regular self-care routine and practice.

In recent challenging times in which we find ourselves living in, we are seeing a need to return to more community-focused gatherings (many have been virtual) as a means of supporting and uplifting on a local and global scale. Stress levels, isolation, financial loss, social unrest and decreasing mental health and wellbeing are just some of the problems being faced by so many.

This short course has been designed to take participants further along (or for some introduce to) their journey of learning how to practice day to day easy Mindfulness & Meditation, to help “centre” and “de-stress” and also connect creatively with their authentic inner-self in the process. Providing special time for YOU the participant.

This course is run by St George & Sutherland Community College.

For more information and bookings visit: https://www.sgscc.edu.au/course/holistic_circle_group_workshop

Enrollments can also be taken directly by contacting the college:

  • Phone number:  02 9528 3344
  • Email address: enquiries@sgscc.edu.au
  • Address: 127-129 Sutherland Road, Jannali NSW 2226

The event is finished.

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