Personal Letter from Mel

Dear Creatives,

I strongly believe that when you are on the right path (the path you are destined to follow), all the things that are required and necessary or needed for you to do what you are being ‘called’ to do come to you, without much effort. For me, my journey since I made the conscious decision some years ago to leave the Corporate Business world to pursue my ‘calling’  has been quite synchronistic and serendipitous – actually life-changing and transformative! I haven’t even reached my destination as yet!

My practice philosophy centres upon the belief that there is a strong need for creative expression to be allowed to flow naturally. If we are able to allow ourselves to express what is within, it will enable us to move forward. Conversely, if we choose to not allow our expression to come forth and keep it bottled in, it will eventually cause dis-ease or destroy us. Creative expression is not just for artists and crafters alone it is for everyone! It’s not about being PERFECT either. It’s about LETTING GO and EMBRACING (everything…especially imperfections, Wabi-Sabi style). It’s liberating!

I guess you could say that my special purpose in life is to help others find their creative spark or rekindle their potential and explore different ways of letting it flow. This creative- spark can lead to creating meaning and joyful experiences in life and workflow on a day to day basis. I am able to connect with people on a deeper creative level in this way and help them in turn connect with their inner selves. It’s like finding the pieces of a puzzle and joining the pieces up to create the bigger picture. Meanwhile, the process is very much a journey, one that is hopefully relaxing and healing at the same time.

Working with colour and all sorts of mixed media creative elements and textures is what makes it all so much FUN. Experimenting and exploring and serendipitously coming up with amazing ‘imperfect’ artworks is what it’s all about. Bringing the ‘raw’ emotions out in the artwork and making it have a voice so it can be heard and felt is so important. Having the freedom of thought and expression through utilising harmonious patterns and whimsical art styles and experimentation is what I encourage clients and participants.

Mel’s Art of Zen is therefore about EVOLVING through CREATIVITY.
Create. Play. Inspire. Heal & Grow……

Mel xx