Q. What’s the difference between Art Therapy & Holistic Creative Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a therapeutic process that uses art as a form of therapy or as part of the therapy process. The art created in session is a tool that explores and allows the client the ability to self-express in a nonverbal, symbolistic, conscious or unconscious way, in a safe space with no judgements.

Holistic Creative Art Therapy (HICAT), utilizes the same principles and Psychological foundations and concepts of Art Therapy, blending it with a range of creative art processes, such as; drawing, painting, doodling, sculpting, music therapy, drama play/ therapy, creative journaling, Mindfulness and Meditation practices.

The ‘Holistic’ aspect takes into account the person as a whole Being, looking at wellbeing from a mental (mind), physical (body) and inner self (essence of being) perspective and integrating it with the relevant strategies and tools required to overcome problems and personal challenges being faced.

There is no requirement to have any creative ability or flair to work with the Art Therapy or HICAT programs.

 Q. I am not sure what the right course or program that I require.

MAOZ has a number of support programs as well as creative technical experiential creative sessions available, if you are unsure as to what type of program is best for you or someone you know, contact Mel to talk about your specific needs or your business/community requirements and any questions or concerns that you may have.

All enquiries and initial consults are free of charge. Contact Mel

Q. How long is a typical Art Therapy or HICAT session?

Initial consult/meeting is usually around 45mins to 1 hour (no fee), if there is a need for an extended consultation or needs analysis then there will be a fee applied.

Refer to the Fee Schedule.

Regular 1:1 or semi-private sessions are 90-120 minutes long and are tailored to meet the individual requirements.

Currently, VIRTUAL ONLINE SESSIONS are a minimum of 60 minutes in duration. Clients will work with what materials and mediums they have available in their own space.

Q. I have little to no art or creative experience/skill. Is this going to make it hard for me to participate in sessions or workshops?

Rest assured. Absolutely NO artistic skill or ability is necessary to participate in any of MAOZ’s programs, workshops or classes. Any prerequisites or creative level expectations are usually stated in the program or course description, e.g., Beginner, Intermediate or Advance. 

In general, activities are designed to be relaxing and free-flow, focusing on the person’s ability to express themselves through some creative means -tools & techniques are provided and do not focus on producing works of art that are meant to be in a Gallery. Although many are surprised by their abilities to create works of art that are able to be hung up on a wall. It is entirely up to the individual.

Q. Do I have to purchase art materials and supplies?

In most cases in live face-to-face classes and workshops, MAOZ will endeavour to provide all that is necessary for participants to use in the session. Basic art kits (like stationery items, a range of paint brushes, paint pallets, and water containers) are recommended to be brought by participants to ensure there is less handling of shared materials as per Covid-safe practices adhered to. All workspaces, items and materials used by the group are sanitized before and after each session.

Kits may be purchased at a low cost through MAOZ and participants are able to supplement with materials they may purchase themselves elsewhere prior to commencing. A materials list is usually provided upon enrolment.

MAOZ endeavours to use eco-friendly everyday mediums that can be found around the home or surrounding environment where possible.

Q. What are the costs associated with classes and workshops?

The prices and fees for classes and workshops vary depending on the program offered and the venue at which the class/workshop is scheduled to run at. This is because of the varying levels of rent for use of space and so MAOZ fees will vary accordingly.

Creative Art/Crafting Classes and Workshops offered are generally well priced and Mel works hard to offer low-cost programs for many Community-based not-for-profit organizations in the Sutherland Shire and Georges River areas. Prices are GST-free at present.

Q. How will I be able to pay for my session or class/workshop?

MAOZ has a contactless point of sale system that can be used in person to tap and go. Online, you will be invoiced for your booking and have details to direct deposit bank transfer funds to the nominated MAOZ account (there is no fee associated with this payment to MAOZ).

If you wish to pay by credit/debit card online or over the phone note that a 1.9-2.2% fee will be included in the total cost price payable.

Refer to the General Terms & Conditions.

Q. Can I claim if under an NDIS management plan?

If you have a current self-managed NDIS plan/schedule for your child, self or other seeking services, it is possible to claim reimbursement after you have paid MAOZ in full, and if the creative arts/art therapy individual, group or social therapy category is included in the plan and budget provided.

Q. Can I use an NSW Creatives Voucher for my child?

NSW Creatives Voucher: claim option is not currently available through MAOZ but may be used in other venues Mel may be facilitating classes or workshops. Contact Mel to find out where you can use this voucher.

Q. How do I join an “Artfully Social Group”?

There are a number of ways in which you may become part of the MAOZ Artfully Social Community.

  • Community Based: Orana Artfully Social – (3rd Friday of the Month).
  • The Nook @ The Art Passage Miranda Artfully Social Group – (Workshop Series Scheduled on a MAOZ Term Basis of 6-8 weeks). 

Contact Mel for further information or if you have any questions