Workshops & Classes

MAOZ offers a range of Art as Therapy and Mindful Art, Creative Arts Services in a number of local venues both in the Sutherland Shire and Georges River Areas.  Workshops/classes are generally open to the Public unless booked specifically for a Business, Community (NFP) Group or Aged Care Nursing Home residents.

See how much fun unleashing your inner creative self can be with one of these workshops…    

  • Working with Inks
  • Mixed Media (Paint & Collage)
  • Acrylic Flow Art
  • Art Social Club

How does Art as Therapy work?

MAOZ “Art as Therapy’, utilises the foundations and psychological concepts used in Art Therapy practices and blends it within a broader more simplistic and therapeutic framework. Catering to small group classes or workshop-style sessions, where no artistic skill or experience is required. It is designed to take away the stress of feeling ‘artistically inadequate’ for many who have the creative ability but lack confidence. For those who are ‘artistically inclined’, it provides an outlet for free flow creative expression purely for personal gratification for a change. It’s a great way to reconnect and re-charge yourself in a creative and fun social setting.

Program Content

Each workshop session assists the participants on a journey of finding their true authentic self-expression through a series of structured simple Art Therapy activities. As part of our services, MAOZ offers a personalised needs analysis to determine your Community Group’s needs and then the customer builds a program to ensure the right art program is delivered.

Activities usually involve individuals connecting with their inner selves and creative potential and using simple artwork and mindfulness techniques as a way of expressing their feelings and emotions.

Learning to creatively ‘unwind’ and ‘unplug’ through simple Breathing and Relaxation techniques, Guided Visualisations and also easy Meditation practices are just some of the ways MAOZ connects and allows the Mindfully Creative to work in a session.

The use of ambient music (music therapy) assists with Learning to ‘free flow’ and relax whilst creating artwork, having fun and socialising is integral to the programs.

Facilitated by Melissa Martin the founding owner of Mel’s Art of Zen (MAOZ), using structured (or semi-structured) activities and also allows for individuals to work on their own creative artwork at their own pace.

Program Types

Art as Therapy and Mindfully Creative programs may include topics such as:

  • Colour & Emotions (Uplifting through Colour);
  • Mindfulness & Relaxation with Zen Doodling/Mandala Therapy;
  • Creative Journaling;
  • Mood or Vision Boards;
  • Art of Eco-Creating with natural elements (as part of a sustainability practice in art).

Programs are customised to fit the group it is intended for or to suit the Business/Community needs.

There is a focus on hands-on creating as well as group sharing and discussion (where relevant) and also individual reflection time in each class/workshop session, with an emphasis on unleashing creative learning and FUN within the group. 

General Art Mixed Media & Techniques Workshops/Classes

These workshops and classes are designed for pure creative fun and enjoyment within a semi-structured and social setting. Ideal for the non-artist and also great for the already creative, as the sessions are engaging, novel and involve learning new mixed media techniques and are designed to be very hands-on and focused on the process of creating rather than the output.

Participants are guided step by step and in most cases provided with the necessary art materials and tools needed to work within the workshop/class.

As part of the class, participants are also encouraged to have a basic art materials kit if attending regular sessions, which can be purchased externally or through MAOZ.

How to find MAOZ Workshops & Classes

Private 1:1 or Semi-Private Small Group Classes Located at the MAOZ Studio in Burraneer, in your own private premises or selected venue.

Mel’s Art of Zen is fully set up as a mobile service and can come to you as well. P&L Insured and NSW Services Approved with Working with Children and Aged Care Checks.