Class is the highlight of my week.

“I participated in Melissa Martin’s Mindful Art classes for two terms and found the experience very valuable. Each class began with a different guided meditation, relaxation or mindful practice which helped put us in a relaxed state of being to then experiment with different art media, such as pen, paint, collage, pastels. It was a mixed age, gender class and included people with little art, nor mindfulness experience.

Mel was respectful and responsive to each of us being individuals and asked what our goals were from the class and incorporated our goals into the mindful art  experiences, as well as helping and encouraging us.

I personally found the course to be a highlight of my week. Mel’s class was a place outside of life’s normal stresses and habits, where  I could be helped to relax, to reflect on myself and to experiment and play with art expression and colour, which was liberating and great fun!

As a person with experience of cancer, I am now a volunteer educator with Cancer Council’s “Healthy Living after Cancer ENRICH“ program which helps people with experience of cancer to live healthily. I am positive that Mel’s Mindful Art will provide people with experience of cancer with helpful, engaging, relaxing, mindful and fun experiences as well as healthy mindful practices to incorporate in life outside of class to help with living well .

I highly recommend Melissa Martin and her teaching of  Mindfulness and Art.”